Monday, January 26, 2009

best in cow; gong xi fa cai

- we saw dogs today. juniper said, "dog!" and slapped her thigh a lot. that's sign language. we also saw a little girl there who was juniper's age -- or her height actually -- who was wearing one of these:

also a couple sitting beside us took notice of juniper and asked how old she was. then the dude made a crack about juniper in the "puppy class." i made a crack about working on her gait. then i felt bad.

- some dogs are really pretty.

- i watched something like 5 hours of home video yesterday. what i learned was that children are children but adults are dumb. see above. i keep thinking to never open my mouth when the camera is running but then i do anyway. because i am an adult.

- the cow palace : san francisco :: young republicans : any college campus. you never need to go to the central valley when the central valley comes to you. the only other asian person there was a korean lady giving a poodle a haircut. sang, if you extend your visit a little longer we can go to the gun show.


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