Saturday, October 13, 2007

wearing your stomach on your sleeve

went with jiyoun and yongsun to the conservatory of flowers Wednesday to see their temporary carnivorous plants exhibit. it’s titled “Chomp!”, but “Salivate!” is maybe more accurate. it was humid like a bungus in the greenhouse, which made picture-taking a bit difficult because the lens would fog over every 30 seconds or so. also, the room was periodically misted by overhead sprinklers, in the fashion of Safeway produce (no thunder effects, though).

i managed a few macro shots despite the moisture. here is a pitcher plant from borneo (click for larger):

and some sundew tendrils:

jiyoun said she could empathize with a hungry insect when she saw this. like, after seeing the big nectary drops, its time to rub your finger- and wristless hands together and maybe drool digestive liquid from your mouth.

kind of like this guy, who’s in the process of being consumed but maybe doesn’t know it yet:

this one totally knew he was goner. he struggled for about a half minute and then gave up, making this picture possible:

and, last of all, a flower bud whose stamens (stamina?) look like eggplant.

a bit of amateur psychology inspired by this image:

pistol is
pestle is
sausage is

and a notable etymological mishap: pistol and pestle do not share roots, but pestle and pistil do (lat. pistillum), despite the fact that pistil refers to girly plant eggs and pestello was old italian slang for weenis. (oh, those old italian! so saucy! pesto, "mashed or "pounded"). and eggplants, as already pointed out, also look like weenises.


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